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Deep Learning powered Membership Platform

We enable brands to elevate consumers into mobile-first members and deliver consistent, continuous and relevant communication at every stage of their journey — online, in-app and in-store.

Our flagship Membercard product greatly simplifies onboarding while acting as a brand-owned communications channel. Available on every iOS and Android device it does not need any apps.

Powered by proprietary AI, Kyoo helps brands to grow profits by increasing consumer value while further optimising costs.


Contactless Membercard, seamlessly embedded into payment flow.

Customers can add membercard to their Apple or Google Wallet and it will be automatically used at checkouts. This allows them to use their device to pay for shopping without having to ever think about loyalty cards - all you are making all benefits of the loyalty programme available to them.

To start, they simply bring their device close to the payment terminal, the Membercard will automatically appear on the screen. No need to scan a barcode or open an app. Membercard is secured just like any other payment card - with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode.


A simple way to upgrade to mobile loyalty

With Kyoo, brands can rapidly deploy Apple and Google Pay integrated membercard that is seamlessly embedded into payment flow while enabling continuous and personal engagement in the context of location, interests, purchases, store visits and browsing history.

And elevate customers from email to mobile channels with up to 35x conversion growth

Right customer, right channel, right time, right location, right product = right message.

Membercard & Your App

Membercard a lightweight content delivery platform that is much easier than the app for customers to install.

It holds information on customer’s membership and makes it easily accessible at the point of sale. This ensures membership is linked to every sale. The app they accompany may, in turn, provide browsing and purchasing experience.


Our Technology

Hidden under the hood, our proprietary AI enables brands to reduce costs increase customer satisfaction and revenue by leveraging deep and machine learning algorithms in their customer service, engagement, space and stock management.


Learn from marketing comms interactions, browsing, purchasing habits and event participation to enable highly personalised engagements in real-time.


Leverage ML & DL to offer products and promotions just when consumer needs them. Make experiences human-like by aiming for exactly right moment in time and space.


Reduce costs of stock, staff and promotions management by predicting demand by demographics product and location.

Our solutions

We enable brands to create a continuous connection with their customers at every stage of the lifecycle.


Create member acquisition strategies that seamlessly span across online, in and out of store.

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Keep members engaged by offering the right product / service and the right time and place.

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Know your customers and let them feel that staying connected with your brand makes them better.

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Our products

Led by Membercard, our suite of products works together to enable digital spaces that excite customers and create new revenue for the business.


Complete solution to roll out and manage loyalty cards - integrated with Bluetooth beacons, geofencing and push notifications.

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AI-driven messaging platform for omnichannel campaigns across SMS, Email, Messenger, Wallets and App push.

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Screens player that connects digital signage to your campaigns. Integrated trackable QR codes for O2O.

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Wi-Fi as a Service platform that delivers reliable close-range wireless networks for customers and in-building IoT.

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Connect is at the core of all Kyoo products. It is a business intelligence platform that makes your data work.

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POS & Payments

Kyoo integrates with a range of leading point-of-sale systems to enable BYOD payments, loyalty and offers redemption as part of the payment flow.

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